Every factory has enough space for a rooftop solar system capacity from 5mW to 7mW, this means a rooftop solar plant could generate enough electricity for all operation activities and even more. A rooftop solar plant is ideal for companies that want to save on electricity bills and get your electricity independence.

– Generate revenue around 3.5 ~ 4.5 billion VND yearly. Save on electricity bills and get additional income.

– Fast return on investment

– One-time investment for long-term use, requies minimum effort on system maintenance

– Cooling factory

– Solar energy is green and free power resource, contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Get your factory go green

UNISOLAR have worked and provided maintenance solutions to many solar farms in Vietnam, we have researched and choosed the industry-leading manufacturers in oder to bring you the best-performance solar power system. Our techinician will visit your site to give the best investment option that benefit your company.


Huawei brings the latest digital and internet technology into PV power generation, makes your solar power system run


The Optimizer improve the energy yield of the PV system in the shade by tracking the maximum power

Solar Panel

UNISOLAR provides solar panels from the world’s leading manufacturers: SUMEC and JA SOLAR – categorized TOP 1 Tier

String Monitoring Solution

Since a photovoltaic plant is made up of components from dif- ferent manufacturers, integration and communication between them

Maintenance Tools

For rooftop solar plant from 1MW and above, we recommend you to do the maintenance work by yourself

Maintenance Service

Beside keeping the solar panel clean, which you can easily do by yourself, you may consider using professional