SolarEdge Rooftop and Canopy PV System Saves 30% in Annual Utility Costs

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  • Location: Washington D.C.
  • Installed Capacity:  627.8kW
  • Modules:  1,700 x 360W SunPower
  • Inverters: 5 x SE100k, 2 x SE33k
  • Power Optimizers: 875 x P800









Stadiums are increasingly going solar to power their massive electricity needs with sustainable energy.This is what drove Washington D.C.’s Audi Field, home to D.C. United, to install a PV system.

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When we opened Audi Field in 2018, we made a commitment to reduce our environmental impact and mitigate climate change. New Columbia Solar’s best-in-class installation using SolarEdge products strengthens our position as one of the most environmentally-friendly entertainment destinations in Washington, D.C. We are excited to get smarter about our energy and lead the way for other soccer clubs around the globe.
Zachary Abaie
Head of Communications, D.C. United


A Winning Team with SolarEdge

With the task of installing a canopy system, New Columbia Solar turned to SolarEdge solutions for its engineering and design flexibility. SolarEdge’s solutions allowed engineers to optimize roof space, reduce cables, combiner boxes and achieve lower balance of system (BoS) costs. In addition, the system’s built-in SafeDC™ feature automatically reduces DC voltage to touch-safe levels during grid failures, providing maximum protection to the stadium.

Audi Stadium

The new SolarEdge PV system can potentially reduce the stadium’s grid dependency by approximately 30% annually, while saving ~$30,000/year on utility bills. It will also reduce CO2 emissions by 556 metric tons annually – the same amount of electricity required to power 95 homes for a year – creating a healthier environment for stadium visitors and locals.