Rapid Shutdown – The #1 safety solution for rooftop solar systems

Rapid Shutdown is no longer an unfamiliar term for businesses and investors interested in solar energy today. It is considered one of the top priorities before investing in rooftop solar panel systems.

So what are the notable advantages of Rapid Shutdown that make investors and businesses trust this choice? Let’s find answers to these questions with SolarEdge.

What is Rapid Shutdown?

Rapid shutdown (RSD) is a safety mechanism which refers to the fast discharge of conductors to a safe voltage level. It reduces the risk of electrical hazards during emergencies, such as fires or electrocution. This is particularly crucial for the safety of first responders, maintenance personnel, and anyone in close proximity to the solar system.

Rapid shutdown is an electrical safety requirement and regulation of rooftop solar panel systems, specified in the National Electrical Code (NEC) in the United States of America.

Rapid Shutdown was first introduced in section 690.12 of NEC 2014, which defines the RSD requirements for PV systems on buildings. It was later updated in NEC 2017 and NEC 2020.

In the NEC 2020, there are three options to comply with the rapid shutdown control limits required in 690.12(B)(2) inside the array boundary:

  • Install a PV hazard control system listed for the purpose.
  • Limit the controlled conductors inside the array boundary to not more than 80 volts within 30 seconds of rapid shutdown initiation.
  • Install the PV arrays so that they have no exposed wiring methods or conductive parts and install them more than 8 feet from exposed grounded conductive parts or ground.

NEC 2017 & NEC 2020

Thailand is also one of the leading countries in using solar panels in Asia. In early 2022, Thailand made it mandatory to have Rapid Shutdown in rooftop solar systems, following national standards like the United States.

A rooftop solar energy project in Thailand. Source: NLSVN Magazine

The advantages of Rapid Shutdown in SolarEdge

One outstanding advantage of Rapid Shutdown is increased safety. When electrical or thermal issues occur in the system, the Rapid Shutdown (RSD) will be automatically activated, rapidly reducing the voltage to a safe level across the entire system within 30 seconds before they can lead to fire, This is especially important for the safety of first responders, maintenance personnel, minimize energy loss, and property under the roof.

The solution is fully integrated into the SolarEdge ecosystem without any additional cost.

Thermal issues are accurately identified, saving time for on-site maintenance teams.

Protecting the ROI of system owners and significantly saving installation time and labor costs.

Watch a video about Rapid Shutdown Solution AT HERE.

SolarEdge is among very few solar equipment manufacturers that provide integrated rapid shutdown functionality in compliance with NEC 2020. 

SolarEdge Solution – More Power, More Peace of Mind 

UNISOLAR – Strategic partner of SolarEdge

We provide a long lasting solution with safety guaranteed and cost effective for your energy plan.

  • Meeting US fire safety standards NEC 2020
  • Meeting safety standards from FM Global
  • SafeDC™ mechanism ensures absolute safety in case of DC contact
  • 12-year warranty for Inverter & 25-year warranty for Optimizer

The SolarEdge Commercial Solution

Overall, the adoption of Rapid Shutdown demonstrates a commitment to safety, regulatory compliance, and system optimization. These benefits make it an attractive choice for businesses and investors in the solar industry. With SolarEdge, you can explore the different Rapid Shutdown solutions available and gain insight into their advantages in your solar projects.

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