In recent years, the demand for renewable energy use and the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2025 have prompted many businesses to invest in rooftop solar power, especially in industrial and export processing zones. Rooftop solar power systems not only help businesses save costs, but also enjoy tax incentives for exports, thereby enhancing their competitive edge in the international market.

However, installing such a system also carries risks in operation. Cases of fire and explosions have occurred, causing serious harm to people and property. Ensuring fire and explosion safety is a major challenge for businesses. Therefore, sustainable technological solutions and mechanisms are needed to prevent risks during the use of rooftop solar power systems.

In order to provide partners and customers with a comprehensive understanding of the rooftop solar market in 2023 as well as experiences in selection, operation, and fire prevention. SP Corporation, SolarEdge, and Unitek Trading Co., Ltd. (Unitek) have jointly organized a seminar on “Safe Investment Plan for Rooftop Solar Energy Systems – Preventing Business Explosions and Fires” at Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel, Ha Nam on Apr 12th 2023.

It is known that SP Group is a leading conglomerate in the Asia-Pacific region, driving the development of future energy with smart energy solutions and low-carbon initiatives for customers. The group owns and operates power transmission and distribution businesses in Singapore, Australia, as well as sustainable energy solutions in Singapore, China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

As the national electricity grid operator in Singapore, around 1.6 million business and residential customers benefit from SP’s world-class transmission, distribution, and support services. This network is one of the most reliable and cost-effective in the world.

In addition to traditional services, SP also provides sustainable renewable energy solutions, such as microgrids, cooling and heating systems for commercial and residential areas, solar energy solutions, fast charging stations for electric vehicles, and digital energy solutions for customers in Singapore and the region.

SolarEdge is one of the companies that owns the strictest safety and anti-explosion technologies in Europe and North America, such as NEC 2017, NEC 2020, UL3741, IEC 60947, VDE 2100. SolarEdge’s solar energy battery management technology has the function of managing each solar energy panel through each power optimizer unit (abbreviated as Optimizer), turning them into smart solar energy panels.

(SolarEdge’s solution monitors the operation status of the system down to each solar panel).

Meanwhile, Unitek Company specializes in providing products for the renewable energy industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia from major brands around the world such as SolarEdge, JA Solar, Fluke, Emerson, Rotronic, TRTEST, PMDT, Solmetric, Seaward, and solutions for customers in manufacturing plants, power plants, oil and gas, solar farms, and rooftop solar in Vietnam.

With a highly skilled technical team and modern equipment, and having supplied approximately 200MW of JA Solar panels and inverters to the market in 2020, Unitek understands the concerns of investors as they also own and operate 20MW of rooftop solar energy.

In November 2021, SolarEdge and Unitek signed a contract to become the largest strategic distributor of Optimizer and Inverter products for the Vietnamese market. The combination of the two parties will provide the most optimal and secure solution for customers.


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