SolarEdge – Sustainable solution for rooftop solar power for businesses

Many businesses are transitioning towards alternative energy sources and green electrification to reduce OPEX and meet sustainability goals. At the same time, vast unused roof spaces present an attractive investment opportunity for profitable solar energy systems. 

SolarEdge is one of the leading companies with the most stringent safety and anti-explosion technologies in Europe and North America, such as NEC 2017, NEC 2020, UL3741, IEC 60947, VDE 2100.

SolarEdge’s solar energy management technology serves to manage each solar panel individually through power optimizers, transforming them into smart solar panels.

More Power, More Peace of Mind  

The ability to manage at the individual panel level. The SolarEdge system can detect common issues on solar panels such as cracked glass due to bird strikes, dirt, shading, and hotspots that reduce the overall output of the solar system. Through the DC Optimizer solution, the Optimizer automatically regulates the DC voltage output of the panel string to match the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of the inverter, optimizing system operation and output. 

The SolarEdge solution monitors the operational status of the system down to each individual panel, specializing in rooftop solar power safety solutions for industrial applications. According to the company’s representative, each Optimizer is equipped with SafeDC ™ technology, which automatically reduces the DC voltage of the panel string to a safe threshold within 30 seconds (below 80V – according to NEC 2017 & NEC 2020 standards) in case of incidents such as DC contact, DC arc flash, or simply an open-circuited panel string. This helps protect people and assets from fire and explosion risks and supports firefighters’ access to the site. In addition, SolarEdge also meets the explosion safety requirements from warehouse insurance organizations worldwide, such as FM Global. 


The SolarEdge solution monitors the operational status of the system down to each individual solar panel.

Optimizing operation and maintenance (O&M) costs 

SolarEdge’s free O&M software manages each panel in real-time, providing investors peace of mind and accurate management of the entire solar energy system, from performance to common issues that occur with each individual panel. 

Furthermore, with traditional string inverter technology, replacing panels in case of a failure is a challenging task as a panel with different power output can affect the output of the entire panel string and the MPPT (maximum power point tracking) circuit. To address this drawback, SolarEdge’s solution allows the replacement of panels with different power outputs within the same string without significantly impacting the output. 


Reasonable investment cost, high ROI 

As a comprehensive supplier of rooftop solar energy solutions, SolarEdge ensures higher output and meets explosion safety standards due to electrical arcing on the roof. In addition, SolarEdge provides a warranty. It offers a 12-year warranty for inverters and a 25-year warranty for Optimizers, equivalent to the operating lifespan of solar panels, which is 25 years. It also provides a 2-year warranty for output in case of any faults with the Optimizers that affect the electricity output from each panel. The company will rely on the electricity output of nearby panels through data collected from the Optimizers and will warranty the electricity output for the investor if any Optimizer fails, causing a loss in electricity production. 

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Images of the optimizer system installed in the SolarEdge solution.


In summary, SolarEdge’s solution helps businesses and investors overcome challenges related to energy performance, cost reduction, performance monitoring, improved safety, and protecting the ROI of system owners. 


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