The benefits of businesses investing in rooftop solar energy systems

Businesses are gradually utilizing the large, idle space on their rooftops to install rooftop solar energy systems, which not only helps reduce OPEX(*) but also brings many other practical benefits to the business.

1. Cost savings on electricity usage

This is the primary objective for most businesses when investing in rooftop solar energy systems. Saving costs on electricity usage is a long-term goal that enables businesses to generate their own clean energy for all production and operational activities. It helps reduce the cost of purchasing electricity from the national grid, thereby optimizing electricity expenses, reducing operational costs, and improving financial efficiency.

Typically, the payback period for a solar energy system can range from 5 to 10 years. This is considered an attractive investment for businesses because the lifespan of a solar energy system can reach 25-30 years.

2. Roof cooling

In addition to its primary purpose of generating electricity, solar panel arrays installed on rooftops also help cool office buildings and workshops underneath, serving as an effective heat-reducing solution. When solar panels absorb solar energy to generate electricity, they retain thermal energy on their surfaces. As a result, the roof is cooled, and the structure below becomes much cooler, especially in the case of metal roofs, which are the most common type in today’s manufacturing facilities.

Lower temperatures in offices and workshops help save electricity for cooling systems like fans and air conditioners. It also increases the durability and operational efficiency of machinery and equipment inside the facility. Moreover, a cool environment is beneficial for the health and comfort of workers, enhancing labor productivity and their engagement with the business.

3. Increased roof durability

Another benefit of installing solar panels for businesses is that it enhances roof durability. The solar panels installed on the rooftop become a sunshade, protecting the roof from direct sunlight and rain, making it more resilient over time. This is particularly crucial for metal roofs, which can corrode and deteriorate when exposed to prolonged weather conditions.

Durable office buildings and workshops allow businesses to operate with confidence, reduce repair costs, and avoid risks such as leaking roofs that can damage products, disrupt operations, and necessitate temporary shutdowns for repairs.

4. Building a “green” brand and expanding business opportunities

In recent years, the demand for renewable energy use and the goal of achieving net-zero(**) emissions have driven many businesses to invest in rooftop solar power, especially in industrial parks and export processing zones. Rooftop solar energy systems not only help businesses save costs but also enjoy tax incentives for export. This enhances their competitiveness in the international market.

Some large corporations around the world even set mandatory targets for a certain amount of clean energy use. This long-term driver motivates many businesses to invest in solar energy systems.

5. Reduced risk of power outages affecting business operations and production

Unlike households, industrial parks and export processing zones, where numerous factories, production facilities, and logistic warehouses are concentrated, have a significant demand for electricity. Short power outages due to electricity shortages can have a significant impact on business operations, productivity, and result in labor and financial losses, as well as damage to the reputation of the company.

Installing solar energy systems helps businesses maintain continuous operations without being affected by power grid disruptions. It can even contribute excess power to the grid, ensuring energy security and reducing the risk of power supply disruptions.

SolarEdge – Sustainable solution for businesses investing in rooftop solar energy systems

SolarEdge is a leading solar energy technology company worldwide. The company was established in 2006 in Israel and has become one of the leading providers of solar panel management and optimization solutions.

In November 2021, SolarEdge and UniSolar signed a strategic distribution contract for the Solar Optimizer Inverter market in Vietnam. “The collaboration between the two parties will bring the most optimal and safe solution to customers,” said a UniSolar representative.

As a strategic partner of SolarEdge in Vietnam, UniSolar specializes in providing products, solutions, installation services, and maintenance for rooftop solar systems and solar farms both domestically and internationally.

With advanced equipment and an experienced team of engineers, UniSolar ensures quality construction and offers optimal warranties of 12 years for inverters and 25 years for Optimizers, equivalent to the lifespan of solar panels, which is 25 years.

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The main advantages of SolarEdge System for businesses

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(*) OPEX: stands for Operating Expenses. It refers to the ongoing costs incurred by a business or organization to maintain its day-to-day operations and generate revenue.

(**)Net-zero: refers to a state or target where the balance between the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere and the amount removed or offset is equal to zero. It is a concept and goal in environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation.

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